The Knowledge Heritage to Change the Negative Narrative to Re-Imagine Innovative Africa

The Knowledge Heritage to  Change the Negative Narrative to Re-Imagine Innovative Africa

Public Lecturer by Prof Mammo Muchie

Palentologists have discovered that Africa is the origin of  humanity. Africa is also the orgin of universities. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) have evolved  also through African history and civilisation. But a negative narrative that  denies this knowledge heritage is still dominant. It is also the case that in the education curriculum the African contribution hardly exists. For example  there was an ancient mathematics from Ethiopia demonstrating that Africans used binary logic of mathematical calculation which is similar to today’s internet explorer and other cputer based systems.

This very revealing and amazing method of mathematical calculation was released by the BBC4 with commentators from the Open University, England. Hardly no one knows about  this ancient Ethiopian mathematics. An important book that also predicts 22 planets exists in Ethiopia written in the ancient Geez language called abu shaker. Hardly anyone knows about it.

In this  tublic lecture on X-mas day you are invited to know what you should all have known a long time ago  if the  rich African knowledge heritage has been  included in the education curriculum.

This is  a kind of x-mas gift and  it is  truly inspiring to see such a huge turn out to attend the public lecture on December 25, 2015.(see attached photo)

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