Innovating Governance to Implement SDGs 2030.

  • Written by  Boitumelo Bodibe

Presentation By Prof Mammo Muchie.

I  attended the Science Forum of South Africa (SFSA). It was organised by the Ministry (Department) of Science and Technology (DST) of South Africa and had delegates from Government, Industry, University and Civil society-about 2000! It was truly a great experience to participate,as there was truly a time where knowledge circulated with amazing interest, freshness and identity. I was in a panel on Governance for Implementing SDGs 2030 and presented the thoughts in this PPT... I thought I should share it with you; so in case all 17 of the SDGs or some of the targets are not implemented by all UN member states that signed to implement the SDGs2030, Like African HoDs did in the AU Agenda 2063, the structural reasons that are hard to address are briefly laid out in this PPT I quickly drafted. If there is failure, which I hope not, please remember that there was not warning from your pan-African brother!!!



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