The Bandung Diamond Jubilee: Time to Rebuild World Order Based on a New Culture and Civilisation?

On 18-24 April, 1955, twenty nine countries from Africa and Asia from the Global South held the Bandung conference in Indonesia with the objective of building inter-Asian-African cooperation and promoting complete decolonisation. Today on April 18, 2015, it is 60 years of that historic day that began the Bandung South-South Afro-Asian collaboration for decolonisation, development, independence and freedom. It is indeed a special day as today marks the Diamond Jubilee Year of the Bandung conference. It is important we remember this special day to build more hope and possibility to do re-thinking and re-learning in order to re-make world reorder on a new all-inclusive and shared culture, civilisation and history.

From Africa the following countries joined the Bandung Conference that started on April 18 and finished on 24 April, 1955: Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana (then called Gold Coast), Liberia, Libya and Sudan. From Asia the countries that played significant role have been the following: Indonesia, Burma, China, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The Bandung Conference inspired the creation of the non-aligned movement and the Third World by deciding not to side with either the Western powers lead by the USA or the Eastern bloc lead at the time, the former USSR during the Cold War. The conference also pledged not to rely on Western foreign aid but on building strong economic relations between Asia and Africa on the principle of mutual benefit and friendship.

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