Eastern Europe consumer attitude towards Made in China products and China as a country brand: a Romanian perspective


During the past few years China’s economical growth increased and finally took the first place, and left the USA and other countries behind. Having most of the products with the label “Made in China”, make other markets to wonder: what are the consumer perception about buying and using those products?

This paper aims to take a closer look and analyze, if the Romanian buyers consider the positioning of the products as a challenge to other goods from other countries. Also the paper intends to research if China is indentified with the products it manufactures. The research is based on the consumer behavior, has also measured the difference between age, the amount of money spent by the consumers and the perception of the Chinese goods and as a country.

To collect the necessary data, was designed a questionnaire, that was handed to the Romanian consumers, mostly from the West-North part of Romania.

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