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Food Security: An Agri-hub concept review

Food Security: An Agri-hub concept review (0)

Food Security: An Agri-hub concept review

 Paul Marivate


Post – Doctoral Research. Business School. Faculty of Management Sciences.Tshwane University of Technology. 159 Skinner Street, Pretoria – 0001. Republic of South Africa



Food security is important for worldwide activities to take place. The aim of the research was to assess the importance of Agri-Hub as a support facility for the subsistence farmers’ growth in the Limpopo Province. The Agri-Hub support services are expected to enable the subsistence farmers to operate and grow up the commercial farmers’ level. A survey was conducted in the four Districts of Limpopo, namely: - Waterberg, Mopani. Vhembe and Sekhukhuni and this was followed by a Quantitative and Qualitative research methods to gain more insight about the Agri-Hub impact on subsistence farmers. The research outcomes indicted lack of skills and information, access to finance and markets, mentorship and government support as the main obstacles affecting the subsistence farmer’s growth. In order to increase the activities that supports food security for the subsistence farmers, it is necessary that the Limpopo Government provide full support to the subsistence farmers in the Agriculture sector. 


Key words: Agri-hub; subsistence farming, food security, skills, support system


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