Conceptualising innovation management development through organisational learning in the public service: any lessons for developing states?

 Most public service managers and professionals spend most of their time dealing with the day-to-day pressures of delivering services, operating and reporting to senior managers, legislators and agencies. They have little or no time to think about innovation, which would ease the pressures and burdens of service delivery. The intention of this paper is to point out the fact that capacity building is the bedrock of new public management development.


Management of design and innovation for sustainable development of South Africa handicraft sector

In the South African handicraft sector, there is hardly any significance on the research and development of designs and product innovation. This study focuses on the possibility of innovative craft-design to aid in the economic development of the local community, and more specifically the development of the creative industry. The paper shows key findings from a literature review and from semi-structured interviews with local producers, supporters, and buyers of handicraft product in Western Cape Province.

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